Saturday, January 1, 2011

Vocal CD of the Month - "Tania Maria: Alive & Cooking"

Vocal CD of the Month
Tania Maria: "Alive & Cooking" (West Wind)

OK, we know it's a bootleg. But what a great concert! Backed by Eddie Gomez (acoustic bass) and the late Don Alias (drums & percussion), the fantastic Brazilian composer, singer & pianist brings the house down in this 1993 New York concert, now available through the German company ITM Media, which runs the labels JazzDoor and West Wind. Includes four long tracks: "Dear D.V.," "É Carnaval" (originally recorded on his 1985 studio album "Made in New York"), "I Can Do It" and "Bom, Bom, Bom." Energy + groove = Tania Maria!

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