Friday, January 14, 2011

Spiritual Events next week in the LA Area

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* Healing Reiki Circle with Live Music by Ed Wing
* Full Moon Psychic Circle
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* Energy Clearing for New year
* Book Signing - Pope Annalisa
* Predictions for 2011 and Beyond and the TRUTH about 2012
* Book Signing - Prisoners of Fame
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* Book Signing and Discussion “One-Way Ticket” By: Rita Lowenthal
* Victorian Glass Seance Group
* Clairvoyance 102
* How to Do An Angel/Oracle Card Reading Workshop with Wendy Allamby
* Manifesting with the Angels
* Psychic Fair
* Introduction to the course "Wisdom of the east and west'
* St Germaine Channeling Circle
* kundalini yoga for beginners
* Reiki Clinic
* Tibetan Yoga Breath & Meditation Workshop
* Astrology 101 w/Maja - The Planets
* Heart Centered Speakers meeting
* The Source
* An Evening with Shaman Durek
* The Artist's Way Workshop: Sunday Nights
* Shamanic Voyage - Guided Meditation
* walking in this world
* Kara Delle Donne SOUL SERIES workshops
* Reiki Share Intro & Demo/ Full Moon
* Workshop with Dr. Audrey Levy
* Introduction to Crystals
* Eckankar Book Discussion Group
* Animal Comunicator Workshop: for a fun evening getting to know what your pet is really thinking
* Advanced Intuitive Guide Workshop
* "Vibration" - Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation
* Sit with the Angels Group Experience
* Tarot Basics 101 - Suits & Elements of the Minor Arcana
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* Everyday Zen Relaxation Studio
* Tarot Class

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