Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Big Band meets Bukowski in Nicholas Urie's new CD, "My Garden"

Composer/arranger Nicholas Urie is back! In his new CD "My Garden," Urie honors Charles Bukowski's postmodern American poetry by wedding it to some of the most intriguing, scintillating and innovative big band music in the contemporary jazz landscape.

The CD features Jeremy Udden, soprano saxophone; Douglas Yates, alto and clarinet; Kenny Pexton, tenor; and Brian Landrus, bass clarinet; Albert Leusink, Ben Holmes, and John Carlson on trumpets; trombonists Alan Ferber and Max Seigel; Frank Carlberg, piano; Michael Sarin, drums, John Hebert on the contrabass; and vocals by Christine Correa.

Bukowski is best known for his "fratboyesque" musings on love and life that have branded him as a kind of chauvinistic literary bad boy. The poems in this cycle highlight a more personal and less veiled side of a very complicated and diverse figure in American literature. These works are more introspective and touch on the author's feelings of abandonment, depression, isolation and insecurities in the world as both a man and a writer.
Urie's debut CD "Excerpts from an Online Dating Service" earned wide acclaim:

"Urie does not simply blow off the dust of the large jazz ensemble, he sandblasts it off with Uranium." Ø C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz.

"Remember his name - judging by the music and scope of Excerpts From An Online Dating Service, Nicholas Urie has a great future." Ø Richard Kamins, Hartford Courant.

"If Kurt Weill had lived in the internet age, he may well have conjured something like composer Nicholas Urie's "Exerpts from An Online Dating Service." - DownBeat.

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