Saturday, January 1, 2011

Instrumental CD of the Month - "Hubert Nuss: The Book of Colours"

Instrumental CD of the Month
Hubert Nuss: "The Book of Colours" (Pirouet)

Jazz trio music with a unique profile: Hubert Nuss's trio CD "The Book of Colours" (co-produced by Nuss & Jason Seizer, with John Goldsby on bass & John Riley on drums) makes sublime play with tonal shades, tints and hues, enticing the music to dance, dazzle, and swing, offering up a music of tremendous subtlety and sensuous strength. Not the mention the delightful bossa nova groove of "The Colours of Tyrus Wong."

Currently living in Cologne, the German pianist Herbert Nuss has consistently been critically acclaimed for the "beauty" of his recordings - and it is exactly with this word, which is so difficult to define but so strongly delivered. The "Jazz Zeitung" praised the "intensely beautiful sound and structural mastery" of his 2005 Pirouet CD "Feed the Birds". And the CD "Piano News" has already shown that Nuss understands how to "...unlock the most subtle nuances." These are qualities that Nuss has in abundance. And that holds true for this new trio CD "The Book of Colours," our first best CD of the year.

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