Friday, January 21, 2011

Spiritual Events next week in the LA Area

Spiritual Events next week in the LA Area
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* Spirit Dance LA
* Love Conquers All: Protection & Purification Workshop
* Akashic Records Practitioner Certification training
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* Book Signing - Prisoners of Fame - Bodhi Tree
* Tapping the Source
* Druids In Space: The Future of Paganism
* The Skye's the Limit - Book Signing
* "Finding Home: A Spiritual Journey"
* Celebrating Our Raw Nature
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* Sit with the Angels Group Experience w/ Lisa Beachy
* Tarot Basics 101 - Suits & Elements of the Minor Arcana
* Prepare for the Year of the Golden Rabbit
* Hermetic Symbolism of the Major Arcana Tarot Major Arcana Pt. 1
* Book Signing with Dr. Audrey Levy "Noelle’s Ark"
* Vision of 2011 - Shamanic Dance and Toning
* The Artist's Way Workshop: Sunday Nights
* Kyoto Clinic - Reiki
* Astrology 102 w/Maja - The Houses
* Intro to Animal Communication
* The Source
* Dreams: The Hidden Language of the Soul with Leanne Whitney
* An evening with Vaishali - Self Emergence teacher & Empowerment Speaker
* walking in this world
* Kara Delle Donne SOUL SERIES workshops
* "How to Survive Spirituality in Our Times"
* Psychic Protection
* Tess Whitehurst "Magical Housekeeping": holistic clutter clearing
* Guided Meditation w/Harpist Aedan
* Tarot Basics 102 - The Numbers/Minor Arcana
* Tarot Major Arcana Pt.2 - Covers the 2nd half of the Major Trumps
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* Chants Encounter w/Charley Thweatt
* Tarot Class
* Make Your Mind Your Friend: The Fine Art of Creating a Life Worth Living

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