Saturday, April 26, 2014

Crossover CD of the Month - "Brad Hoyt: Far Away From Everyday"

Crossover CD of the Month
Brad Hoyt: "Far Away From Everyday" (Harp Guitar Music) 2014

Brad Hoyt's new release features a new collection of original music that combines the talents of top-tier harp guitarists (9 this time, including Brad) and acoustic guitarists such as Phil Keaggy, Don Alder and Trevor Gordon Hall with jazz virtuosos Howard Levy (harmonica), Jeff Coffin (sax and flute), Joscho Stephan (gypsy jazz guitar prodigy), Tomas Mach (violin), Michael Manring (fretless & EBow bass) and a wide variety of excellent players on cello, flute, oboe, clarinet, bass, guitar, nyckelharpa and percussion.

A mind-blowing mix -- recorded in 19 studios in such countries as Canada, Germany and Czech Republic, besides USA of course, with final mastering by John Elleson-Hartley in England --, co-produced by Hoyt (heard also on piano, lute, ukelele, wrenchenspiel and even the rare "Sedgwick arpa viola caipira," a 30-string harp guitar made specially for him by Stephen Sedgwick) & Gregg Miner (who also plays 7-string bass zither banjo & Knutsen harp mandolin). Ryo Ishido's beautiful cover art fits perfectly with the unusual musical content.

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