Wednesday, April 30, 2014

CD Reissue of the Month - "Briamonte Orchestra"

CD Reissue of the Month
José Briamonte: "Briamonte Orchestra" (Elenco/Think! Records Japan) 1970/2014

A long-forgotten album by Brazilian composer, arranger and conductor José Briamonte, has just been rediscovered in Japan. The highlights are Briamonte's originals "O Embalo do Pato," "Zip", "Rota Sul," "Caos," "Atmosfera" and the delightful opening track, "Tema de Cristina," a radio hit due to its inclusion in the soundtrack of the soap opera "Pigmalião 70".

But there are also nice renditions of such international pop hits as Burt Bacharach's "What The World Needs Now," Alfred Newman's sensual & sumptous "Airport Love Theme," and Fred Neil's "Everybody's Talkin'" that became a global hit thanks to singer Harry Nilsson. 

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