Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Obama - One-term President?

"Dear Mr. Arnaldo DeSouteiro --

According to our files, you are registered, living and voting in California's 30th Congressional District.

Here's what Mitt Romney said after he won the Florida Republican primary last night:
"While we celebrate this victory, we must not forget what this election is really about ..."

... What do you think he said? Not getting the economy moving. Not keeping America safe. Not improving people's lives.

"While we celebrate this victory, we must not forget what this election is really about: defeating Barack Obama."

Then he launched a "One-Term Fund" drive to get his backers to contribute $1 million to make Barack Obama a one-term president.

That's not how it's going to be. So I just had the team create a "Two-Term Fund" page on that's going to track our progress to a $2 million goal. Most importantly, we're going to show the number of people giving to make it happen.

Please donate $3 or more to our Two-Term Fund now.

It may not take the Romney camp very long to get to a million -- they announced today that just 9 percent of their money comes from donors giving less than $200.

It's also clear that there's lots of money to be raised from far-right Tea Party types appealing to a very personal dislike of Barack Obama. When Romney tells a reporter that we need a president "who believes in American principles" or that President Obama will be just a "footnote in history," that's who he's talking to.

Last night Romney summed it up in one line -- for them, it's all about beating one man and sending his family packing from the White House.

Everything else the Republicans say or do is just means to that end.

Our campaign is different. It's about bringing people together to protect the progress we've made and make a lot more in a second term. And 98 percent of the donations people like you make to this campaign are $250 or less.

You can make a second term a lot more likely right now by giving to our two-term fund -- you'll even get to see exactly how many others are joining you:

Thanks -- we'll keep you posted.

Jim Messina
Campaign Manager - Obama for America"

Contributions or gifts to Obama for America are not tax deductible.

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