Friday, February 22, 2008

Sigi Busch "plays" Wilhelm Busch

The German double bassist Sigi Busch's newest project is a musical setting of verses by Wilhelm Busch, the 19th century German satirical poet, as Marlies Schnaibel reports (Märkische Allgemeine). When he found six Busch volumes, Sigi - whom I had the honor to meet for the first time at the 1992 IAJE Conference in Miami, when we took part of the Panel Session "Global Jazz Education" - was again fascinated by the poems' innate rhythms and melodies. He selected verses not from the well known "Max und Moritz", but from later, lesser known volumes. Originally Sigi Busch planned to use another singer with the quartet of guitar, piano, bass and drums, but then he decided to fill that role himself. A CD release of the music is planned.

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