Monday, February 18, 2008

CTI Memorabilia: Airto's "Fingers" - DownBeat review

This is the 4-star rave review of Airto Moreira's "Fingers" (CTI) published in DownBeat magazine, back in 1973.

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Burningbluesoul said...

Thanks for posting the Downbeat reviews od Deodato and Airto. it'sinteresting to see that Deodato 2 gets a long review with four stars which is daming with faint praise, while Airto, whose Fingers is an excellent date, gets a rave and only a few scant words. It is just further proof--to me, a young, p impressionable teenager atthe time wjho still loves MUCH of the music issued by CTI and Kudu-- that critics back in the day didn't even know how to listen to this music, much less write about it.