Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Obama - "In case you missed it: Here's the plan"

"Dear Arnaldo:

According to our records, you are still living in California's 30th congressional district. So, we need your support!

If you didn't catch Monday's strategy session, here are the video highlights and an in-depth look at what you missed:

First, we're going to continue to support the President on critical issues. Success in the 2010 election depends upon highlighting the choice voters have in front of them, so we'll be working hard to build support for Wall Street reform, a clean-energy economy, immigration reform, the confirmation of a new Supreme Court justice, and other key priorities.

A key piece of this is to continue to tell the story of President Obama's leadership and what we've already accomplished together. On health insurance reform, 3 million of you took action to voice your support for a law that reduces costs, increases access, and puts an end to some of the worst insurance company abuses. While there's still a long way to go on the economy, we're on the path to recovery. With your support, we passed the Recovery Act, which has created or saved more than 2 million jobs, and the President continues to fight to create jobs, protect consumers, and hold Wall Street accountable.

Second, we're going to work to elect candidates who support the President's agenda -- and we've got a plan to do it. After months of feedback from volunteers on the ground and nearly 1,000 local strategy sessions held across the country, your top priority for 2010 was crystal clear: getting out the 15 million voters who cast a ballot for the first time in 2008. These voters put President Obama over the top then, and they're going to make the difference again in close races across the country in November.

The best way to get a 2008 first-time voter to vote in 2010? Have a person like you reach out to them and share why you support the President and your local and statewide candidates who support his agenda. Just like we did in 2008, we're going to put a premium on people talking to people -- in their communities, at their doors, on the phones, and online.

As the President noted when he announced our 2010 electoral strategy last week, this year the stakes are even higher. Since he was inaugurated, President Obama has put us on the right path on many critical issues. But we need to help elect candidates who will stand up to the lobbyists and the special interests who are fighting to block and reverse the President's agenda. By turning out 2008 first-time voters, together we can keep our nation moving forward, keep working to fix Washington, keep growing our economy, and keep building a fairer, stronger, and more just America.

Third, we're going to continue to build organizationally. In 2008 we had one of the strongest organizations in the history of American politics. Remarkably, in many ways, our organization is even stronger now -- as volunteers have stepped up to take on even more responsibility with the support of our experienced, nationwide staff. And we're poised to grow: Organizing for America supporters have pledged more than 10 million volunteer hours to candidates who fought for health reform. We're going to hold you to that.

Our 2010 organization-building starts with house meetings in neighborhoods across the country in May, where you and other volunteers will devise a customized program that focuses on turning out 2008 first-time voters in your community. Then, on the weekend of June 5th, we'll be canvassing door-to-door and kicking off our 2010 grassroots campaign.

Watch the highlights -- then help us spread the word about the plan for 2010.

For our opponents, the path to victory relies on historical patterns that show the President's party will have trouble turning out supporters in midterm elections. But, with your help, we can once again defy the cynics and the pundits, turn out 2008 first-time voters, and keep our country on the right path.

Mitch Stewart
Director - Organizing for America"

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