Wednesday, May 12, 2010

CD of the Day - "John Stowell: Golden Delicious"

CD of the Day
John Stowell: "Golden Delicious" (Inner City) 1977/2007

Total Time 45m47s
An adventurous session led by underrated guitarist John Stowell, originally recorded in NY on July 25 & 27, 1977.
My personal favorite tracks - "In Response" and the title tune "Golden Delicious" - were composed by pianist Jim McNeely, featured alongside bassist Mike Richmond (replaced by David Friesen on "Festival Dance"), drummer Billy Hart, percussion genius Dom Um Romão (mispelled "Dom Um Ramao") and trumpeter Claudio Roditi (mispelled "Rodoto"...argh...)

This hard-to-find item is available at Dusty Groove. That's what they say about it:

"A beautiful little fusion set from guitarist John Stowell -- one that dances along at a really breezy pace, thanks to a nice "bottom" from drummer Billy Hart and percussionist Dom Um Romao! Stowell's practically by himself at the top of the set -- playing with amazing control of the strings, and a tone that has a warm bell-like quality. Claudio Roditi also plays a bit of trumpet on the session, and Jim McNeely's handling piano for the record. The best tracks are longish, with a sound that's not exactly fusion -- but a nice mix of acoustic and electric modes that ring out with breezy freshness. Titles include "Loran Mirage", "Afterburn", "Banging The Silent Zero", "Festival Dance", and "In Repose". © 2010, Dusty Groove America, Inc."

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