Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DVD of the Day - "And Then Came Lola"

DVD of the Day
"And Then Came Lola" (Wolfe Studio) 2010

In this time-bending, sexy, lesbian romp with an irreverent nod to the popular art-house classic Run, Lola, Run a talented, but distracted photographer, Lola (Ashleigh Sumner), on the verge of success in both love and work, could lose it all if she doesn t make it to a crucial meeting on time. But, as usual, Lola is late. With her job and girlfriend Casey (Jill Bennett) on the line, she has three chances to make it right. In a desperate race through the streets and backrooms of San Francisco, time grows short will Lola make it?

With a pop sensibility that mixes live action, animation and still photography "And Then Came Lola" explores an old question in a fresh new way; If we try, try again, will we finally get it right?

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