Monday, September 30, 2013

Children's Songs Needed by Record Label

The CEO of a very successful CHILDREN'S Record Label needs Mid-to-Up-Tempo, fun Children's Songs that will motivate young kids to become more physically active. Songs with Male, Female, or Group vocals will all work. If you can throw in a bunch of kids performing some of the vocals, even better!

Your lyrics need to be G-Rated. Lyric themes about dancing, running, climbing, doing jumping jacks, summersaults, marching, dancing, hiking, throwing a ball, swinging from the chandelier (okay, maybe not that one!) could all work well for this pitch. Clearly, the objective is to get kids to put down their video game controllers and hand held devices, and participate in activities that help them stay fit and burn up some of that youthful energy we all wish we still had!

Your instrumentation should be age appropriate, easy to listen to, simple, and motivational. Slightly quirky or silly sounds could help your songs appeal to this young audience. He's NOT looking for anything that has an ethereal, New Age vibe or style for this project.

It's very unlikely that the record label will want to re-record your songs, so you'd be smart to submit songs that are worthy of being released as they are. In other words, please don't submit demos. Instead, submit recordings that are ready to go!

You must own or control 100% of your Master and Composition rights to pitch for this opportunity. Do not submit any material with unauthorized samples of any other artists or songs. All songs will be screened on a Yes/No basis. No full critiques. Please submit one to three songs online or per CD no later than, 2013 Tuesday, October 1st, by 11am (PDT). For more details, please visit:

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