Saturday, May 26, 2012

DVD of the Month - "Mahavishnu Orchestra: Live in France 1972"

DVD of the Month
Mahavishnu Orchestra: "Live in France 1972" (Headliner) 2012

Mahavishnu's first concert ever in France! 80 minutes, color, 5.1 Dolby Digital
A stunning open-air performance by John McLaughlin (6-string & 12-string double neck guitar), Jan Hammer (Fender Rhodes & Mini Moog), Rick Laird (electric bass), Billy Cobham (drums) & Jerry Goodman (violin).
Includes "Birds of Fire," "Meeting of the Spirits," "You Know, You Know," "The Dance of Maya," "One Word," "Resolution," "Sanctuary" and "Awakening". Simply historic and groundbreaking fusion!


Flightdeckcafe said...

Arnaldo, I am interested in the well-being and health and happiness of Doug Payne...and I am interested in trying to get the CTI website/database back up and running. Could you possibly contact me at my email (which I believe is auto-connected to your comments).

Take care and thank you!

Arnaldo DeSouteiro said...

To DN all other readers who also happen to be friends or admirers of our dear Doug Payne:
I'm not allowed to provide any further details neither to issue an "official statement."
But since I started to hear rumors that Doug had passed away, I must tell you that it's not true.
Fortunately, Doug is alive and recovering. I'm confident that he will resume his writings as well as he will soon be working on getting the fabulous website back up. Thx for your time, Arnaldo

Flightdeckcafe said...

Thank you, Arnaldo, I AM concerned and wish him the very, very best! And we NEED to take up a collection or hit-up some wealthy Super-pack and/or facebook billionaire to get the CTI Website back up and running!