Saturday, May 26, 2012

CD Compilation of the Month - "Sanscapes One"

CD Compilation of the Month
"Sanscapes One" (MELT 2000)

Compiled by Phil Meadley
Mastered by Chris Lewis @ Heathside Nautillus Room

The proceeds from the publishing royalties of this CD go to the participating San families from the various corridors in Gobabis (Namibia) who contributed to the original recordings used for the remixes included on this album, and to the head organisation WIMSA and the Omaheka San Trust that operated locally to improve their education, health, and creating jobs and shelter. Contact:

Featuring Anna Goute, Rai Gupta, Kirk DeGiorgio, Animal Radio, Mehdi Haddab, Krishna Booker, Rashid Duke (George Duke's son), Dub Trees, Gambit, Smadj, Absolute Zero, Soul Drummers, Bob Holroyd, Zena Edwards

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