Tuesday, February 17, 2009

CD of the Day - "Sabrina Malheiros: Equilibria"

CD of the Day
Sabrina Malheiros: "Equilibria" (Far Out) 2005

The debut album by the Niteroi-born singer, including songs mostly written by Sabrina with her father Alex Malheiros and/or her husband & producer Daniel Maunick, with whom she currently lives in London. Alex and Far Out's founder Joe Davis coordinated the project.
My personal favorite tracks: "Saudade Rio" (the ingenious lyrics refer to Azymuth's main dancefloor hit in the UK, "Jazz Carnival"), "Maracatueira" (Azymuth's keyboardist José Roberto Bertrami and veteran percussionist Chico Batera are among the sidemen), "Vibrasom" (great work by Incognito's head Jean Paul "Bluey" Maunick as well as by reedman Leo Gandelman, mispelled Galdeman, who used the overdub process to function as a horn section; I've played this track a lot when working as a DJ in some special parties in Europe), "Estrado do Chão" (co-written by Alex and his sister Tereza Malheiros), "Estação Verão" (Cidinho Moreira shines on percussion as he does throughout the whole album), "Cadê Você" (Kiko Continentino plays both piano & Hammond), and an inspired reading of "Eu Sou Mais Eu", composed by Ana Mazzotti, miscredited Mazzoti.
The entire Azymuth (Bertrami, Alex Malheiros, Ivan Conti) performs on the latter, originally recorded in 1974 by the late pianist/singer/composer Mazzotti on her cult LP for the Top Tape label, which featured both Bertrami & Malheiros and was reissued on CD only in Japan.
"Equilibria" quicly became the best-selling album on the Far Out catalog.

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