Saturday, June 14, 2008

CD of the Day - "Airto, Flora & Joe Farrell: Three-Way Mirror"

CD of the Day

Airto Moreira, Flora Purim & Joe Farrell: "Three-Way Mirror" (Reference) 1987

Featuring Mark Egan, Kei Akagi, José Neto and Randy Tico, it was one of the last recording sessions by Joe Farrell, heard on flute, soprano sax and tenor sax.

The highlight is the best version ever on tape of Milton Nascimento's "Lilia", a truly superb 12-minute vocal performance by Airto, who also plays drums and percussion.

Other outstanding tracks: a remake of "Misturada" (which debuted on Quarteto Novo's one and only album) and "Planet to the Trane".

Recorded "live" (but with no audience) at the Oxnard Civic Auditorium, in California, on a single day (May 5, 1985) by engineer Prof. Keith O. Johnson, this CD is really a must for audiophiles due to its superb sound quality.
CD cover signed by both Flora and Airto for Arnaldo DeSouteiro

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