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Box Set of the Day - "Battle of Guitars"

Box Set of the Day
"Battle of Guitars" (Membran) 2007

This 4-CD box set, released in Germany, includes several tracks from CTI albums by Jack Wilkins, Larry Coryell, Jim Hall and pianist Ted Rosenthal (featuring guitarist Kevin Eubnaks).
The complete data is reproduced below with all the mistakes and omissions printed in the back cover and booklet. Among them: Billy Blanco ommitted as Baden Powell's partner on "Samba Triste", Charlie Bird (sic) credited as co-composer of "Um Abraço no Bonfá", and Radamés Gnatalli mispelled R. Gnattau (sic) on two tracks performed by Laurindo Almeida.
CD 1
1. Goin’ Places (Venuti – Lang) Eddie Lang
2. Doin’ Things (Venuti – Lang) Eddie Lang
3. Dinah (Lewis – Young – Akst) Eddie Lang
4. Sweet Sue, Just You (Young – Harris) Eddie Lang
5. Lady Be Good (Gershwin) Django Reinhardt
6. Ultrafox (Reinhardt – Grappelly) Django Reinhardt
7. Liza (Gershwin – Kahn – Gershwin) Oscar Moore
8. Honeysuckle Rose (Waller – Razaf) Django Reinhardt
9. Flying Home (Lange – Goodman – Hampton) Charlie Christian
10. Black Spider Stomp (Cole – Moore) Oscar Moore
11. My Melancholy Baby (Burnett – Norton) Django Reinhardt
12. Seven Come Eleven (Goodman – Christian) Charlie Christian
13. I Cant’t Believe You’re In LoveWith Me (McHugh – Gaskill – Henderson) Les Paul
14. Riffin’ In F Minor (Cole) Oscar Moore
15. H.C.Q. Strut (Reinhardt – Grappelly) Django Reinhardt
16. Stardust (Carmichael – Parish) Les Paul
17. Gone With “What” Wind (Basie – Goodman) Charlie Christian
18. Rhytme Futur (Reinhardt) Django Reinhardt
19. Subterfuge (Paul) Les Paul
20. The Sheik Of Araby (Smith – Wheeler – Snider) Charlie Christian
21. Doug-Rey-Mi (Hampton) Oscar Moore
22. Honesuckle Rose (Waller – Razaf) Les Paul
CD 2
1. Coquette (Berlin) Les Paul
2. Out On A Limb (Tristano) Billy Bauer
3. At Sundown (Donaldson) Les Paul
4. Interlude (Tristano) Billy Bauer
5. Melodic Meal (Paul) Les Paul
6. Retrospection (Tristano) Billy Bauer
7. Lee (Raney) Jimmy Raney
8. Sometimes I’m Happy (Crosby – Washington – Young) Johnny Smith
9. Strike Up The Band (G. & I. Gershwin) Barney Kessel
10. Where Or When (Rodgers – Hart) Johnny Smith
11. Yesterdays (Kern – Hammerstein) Jimmy Raney
12. Vicky’s Dream (Kessel) Barney Kessel
13. Nice Work If You Can Get It (Gershwin) Johnny Smith
14. I Want To Be Happy (Caesar – Youmans) Herb Ellis
15. Minor (Raney) Jimmy Raney
16. Salute To Charlie Christian (Kessel) Barney Kessel
17. Tea For Two (Caesar – Youmans) Herb Ellis
18. Moonlight In Vermont (Blackburn – Suessdorf) Johnny Smith
19. Body And Soul (Green – Sour – Heyman) Jimmy Raney
20. What Is There To Say (Harburg – Duke) Barney Kessel
21. Lover (Hart – Rodgers) Herb Ellis
CD 3
1. Signal (Raney) Jimmy Raney
2. Have You Met Miss Jones? (Rodgers – Hart) Tal Farlow
3. 64 Bars On Wilshire (Kessel) Barney Kessel
4. On The Square (Raney) Jimmy Raney
5. My Old Flame (Coslow – Johnson) Tal Farlow
6. A Foggy Day (Gershwin) Barney Kessel
7. ‘Round Midnight Monk – Williams – Hanighen) Jimmy Raney
8. Strike Up The Band (G. & I. Gershwin) Tal Farlow
9. On A Slow Boat To China (Loesser) Barney Kessel
10. Stella By Starlight (Washington – Young) Jimmy Raney
11. Chuckles (C. Terry) Tal Farlow
12. I Didn’t Know What Time It Was (Rodgers – Hart) Barney Kessel
13. How Deep Is The Ocean (Berlin) Tal Farlow
14. Jeepers Creepers (Mercer – Warren) Barney Kessel
15. Motion (Raney) Jimmy Raney
16. Speak Low (Nash - Weill) Laurindo Almeida
17. Um Abraco No Bonfá (Bird – Gilberto) Charlie Bird
18. The Girl From Ipanema (Jobim) Baden Powell
19. Atábaque (R. Gnattau) Laurindo Almeida
CD 4
1. Tocata (R. Gnattau) Laurindo Almeida
2. Aria Na 4 A Corda (Nogueira) Paulinho Nogueira
3. Samba Triste (Powell) Baden Powell
4. O Grande Amor (Jobim – Moraes) Jack Wilkins
5. Vera Cruz (Nascimento) Larry Coryell
6. Dailey Double (Dailey – Tria) Jack Wilkins
7. Skylark (Carmichael – Mercer) Jim Hall
8. My Foolish Heart (Washington – Young) Jack Wilkins
9. You Must Believe In Spring (Legrand – Bergman – Louis) Jack Wilkins
10. Misty (Garner) Larry Coryell
11. Model A (Rosenthal) Kevin Eubanks
12. St. Louis Blues (Handy) Larry Coryell
13. Streets Of Rio (Moore) Jack Wilkins
14. Better Get Hit In Your Soul (Mingus) Larry Coryell

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