Saturday, April 19, 2008

New releases from Vienna

A few nice things this week in digital form including a great outing from the Vienna Scientists! More about that later. A big thank you to a few with messages about the new radio station at Superfly FM. Seems quite a few of you have been enjoying the music there. Do keep listening and showing your support.OK, we start this week’s news with a really nice outing by Fanatix for BBE, quality house beats and some brilliant production included. Big up an old London friend Toni Economides on this one.Out of London also is the excellent R2 label, and coming through once again is Karizma remixed this time by bad boy Simbad. Another top dance floor track too by Karizma called Groove a 'k' ordingly is worth checking also.Some seriously groovy electro featured this week, Gomma of course always representing and they have the Gomma Galactic 2 to come. Always a very interesting selection by these guys too. Take a little time and check out the tracks.
Permanent Vacation also with some interesting noise this week via 40 thieves. Very soulful and groovy and three tracks I’ve very much enjoyed.Some very interesting techno coming out of Snork records. Jens Zimmermann offers an epic 13 minute techno journey on Drumzzz, fans of the Detroit should check that. A very heavy slice of alternative pop and rock. Please make sure granny is wrapped up in bed and fast asleep before you break open Ungdomskulen and the very aggressive Modern drummer.Finally, Vienna family members Vienna Scientists and Three Minutes with jazz legend Mark Murphy come with more remixes. This time from Madrid de los Austrias, Quantic, Dublex Inc and Fake Fellini. Part 2 is full of funky groovy happenings.
OK, enough for me this week, have a great seven days and as I always say, thanks for supporting independent music and artistry.

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