Monday, April 21, 2008

Jens Wendelboe's charts available

Award winning European composer, trombonist. Conn-Selmer and recording artist –
(Please click on any underlined words to get videos, pictures or sound samples)
Now permanently residing in the US
As the new member of
BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS and as Donna Summers Musical director
offers Sheet Music and Services for
Big Band (CD’s), Concert Band (CD’s), Marching Band, Choir, Chamber Orchestra,
Symphony Orchestra, Jazz Quartet (CD’s), Brass, and more.

High quality original compositions.
Big Band Charts and div. arrangements are available for all levels of performing.

For more information please visit the Composers web site at:
More Original Charts with sound samples are found at:
Sheet music
for viewing more videos

It is easy. Use Pay pal on the web. page and get the charts sent directly to you
In Pdf or Finale format for you to print out
Or by Post

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