Thursday, April 10, 2008

ISC Announces 2007 Winners

The International Songwriting Competition (ISC) is pleased to announce its 2007 winners. Renowned for its prestigious celebrity judges, ISC received over 15,000 songs from amateur and professional songwriters from 100 countries worldwide, confirming ISC's status as the leading global songwriting event. More than $150,000 in cash and prizes is shared among the 59 winners, including an overall Grand Prize of $25,000 (US) cash, the largest cash Grand Prize of any songwriting competition in the world, and $30,000 in merchandise and services.

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ISC Grand Prize Awarded to Kazakhstan and USA Songwriters
for The Collaboration of the Song, "I'm Not Your Friend"

ISC bestows its highest honor, this year's Grand Prize, to Eduard Glumov (Aktobe, Kazakhstan) and Z. Mulls (Swarthmore, PA, USA) for their song “I’m Not Your Friend.” The song, entered in the Rock category, was lauded by the ISC judges for its originality, structure, and compelling melody.

The collaboration between Eduard Glumov and Z. Mulls, from Kazakhstan to the USA, from one side of the globe to the other, perfectly reflects ISC’s mission of creating a competition that is inclusive of songwriters worldwide. Glumov, a singer/songwriter, and Z. Mulls, a lyricist, met each other on, a songwriting resource website, and their musical collaboration produced the winning song.

Candace Avery, the founder and director of ISC, states, “It is amazing the way technology and the Internet allow songwriters from different parts of the world and cultures to collaborate, culminating in international partnerships such as this. I’m very proud that “I’m Not Your Friend” is the ISC Grand Prize winner because it epitomizes the core intention of ISC, to foster songwriting around the world.”

Eduard Glumov, born in a small province town in the Soviet Union, started writing songs very early but became serious about songwriting at the age of 13 when his father was arrested and imprisoned for anti-Soviet activity. Later in the '80s, the era of political turmoil and unrest gave way to Perestroika, enabling Eduard to tour with his rock band. In the '90s, he began a studio career, writing, recording and producing songs and instrumental music for different artists, for theaters, and TV. He plans to release an indie CD in the USA in the near future.

Z. Mulls professes that writing lyrics is not a profession, but an avocation, stemming from a lifelong love of musical theatre and songwriting in general. He posts his lyrics on various websites, looking for collaborations with artists. He calls himself "a wordsmith in search of a melody."
ISC Rewards Achievements in Songwriting Throughout the World

In addition to the Grand Prize winner, many other deserving songwriters also share in the prestige and kudos of winning their respective categories in ISC 2007. With a total of 19 categories and First, Second, and Third Place in each, (along with a list of Honorable Mentions), ISC covers all genres of contemporary music, including rock, jazz, r&b/hip-hop, blues, and much more.

For the first time in the competition's history, the majority of winners (59%) come from outside the USA. The winners represent diverse cultures and come from all corners of the globe, from Brazil to Senegal, Scotland to Iceland, New Zealand to Brazil, Canada to the USA, and beyond. Receiving more international entries than any other songwriting competition, ISC is recognized as the pinnacle of excellence in rewarding achievements in songwriting throughout the world.

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