Sunday, December 16, 2007

Today, Hancock's last U.S. show of 2007

2007 GRAMMY nominee Herbie Hancock performs in his last stateside concert of the year, today, at 2:30 pm in UCLA's Royce Hall for the International Committee of Artists for Peace's (ICAP) First Annual Founder's Concert. [ Tickets ]
Herbie and the famed jazz saxophonist Wayne Shorter have composed an original piece for the event and will be accompanied by Vinnie Colaiuta, Nathan East and the UCLA Wind Orchestra. Hancock remarks on the ICAP's mission to promote world peace through the arts: "The arts have always served relationships between people of different cultures so well. In a way, the arts function as a very serious kind of ambassador. An organization like ICAP, with determined spirit, working toward world peace, can be a very powerful message and shows action in doing what many political figures cannot for peace."

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