Friday, December 21, 2007

R.I.P.: Theomar Ferreira

Brazilian drummer Theomar Ferreira (born March 15, 1942, in Rio de Janeiro), died December 19, 2007, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A "musician's musician", he studied with the legendary Professor Roosevelt and was heavily influenced by Edson Machado. Theomar played with such artists as Paulinho Trompete, Roberto Marques, Zerró Santos, Paulo Russo, Osmar Milito, Edson Lobo, Nelson Henrique and many others. He was a member of the quartet No Olho da Rua (with Paulo Rego, Roberto Alves and Fernando Rosa), recording two albums ("No Olho da Rua" in 1999 and "O Feijão da Brê" in 2001) released by the Ethos Brasil label. Theomar was also featured on the debut solo album by saxophonist Ion Muniz, "Um Amor Eterno" (Kalimba, 2003). A couple of weeks ago, he did many recording sessions as a leader, leaving enough material for at least three albums, according to his friends. We all hope these tracks will come out in a near future.

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Unknown said...

Estou ouvindo a bateria elegante do Theomar agora no disco "Um Amor Eterno" do Ion Muniz. Ele colocou seu toque pessoal na concepçao do Edison.