Sunday, August 15, 2021

Dr. Ernani Agricola, doc 413 - Carta da Organização Mundial da Saúde, 1951

From: World Health Association - United Nations (ONU)
Organisation Mondiale de la Santé Office of the Director Generale
Palais des Nations, Genève, Suisse

To: Dr. Ernani Agricola - Diretor do Serviço Nacional de Lepra
Rua Washington Luiz 13 Sobreloja
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

23 August 1951

Dear Dr. Agricola,
Thank you very much indeed for sending me "Compêndio de Leprologia" and the three volumes of "Tratado de Leprologia".
I shall present them to the Libray here, where they will be a valuable addition to our literature on leprosy and will be available to all. I will also draw my sucvessor's attention to them when he is appointed.
Your kindness in sending these volumes is greatly appreciated.
With kind regards, Yours sincerely,
W.M. Bonne, MD - Acting Director, Division of Communicable Disease Services

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