Thursday, March 7, 2019

"Flora Purim & Airto Moreira Especial" on Manchete TV, written & presented by Arnaldo DeSouteiro

 Flora Purim's first concert in her native city, Rio de Janeiro, since when she had moved to the USA in 1967, took place at Canecão on August 28, 1986. She also performed two more concerts there, sharing the stage with her husband Airto Moreira, on August 29 & 30.

At the suggestion of Arnaldo DeSouteiro, the concerts were filmed for a TV special broadcasted on November 18, 1986 by Rede Manchete network. It was directed by Gregorio Rubin, with screenplay and interviews conducted by Arnaldo DeSouteiro, under general supervision of Mauricio Sherman.

The TV crew also included Gregorio Nogueira and Jacqueline Cantore (producers), Ilan Rawet (editor), Jorge Vasconcelos (director of cinematography), Sergio Marini (light director), and Carvalhinho (audio recordist).
Musicians: Flora Purim (vocals, percussion), Airto Moreira (drums, percussion, vocals), Marcos Silva (keyboards, arrangements), Gary Brown (electric bass), Celso Alberti (drums), Frank Colon (percussion), Ricardo Peixoto (electric guitar), Mary Fettig (tenor sax, flute), Jeff Elliot (trumpet) and François (trombone).

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Unknown said...

I saw that concert in Rio in 1986. Foi bom pa caralho. GRANDES SAO !!