Friday, November 3, 2017

Vinyl of the Month - "Anders Bergcrantz: Soulfully Yours"

Vinyl of the Month
Anders Bergcrantz: "Soulfully Yours" (Vanguard Music Boulevard VMBLP 119) 2017
Rating: ***** (music performance & sonic quality)

Composed, Arranged & Produced by Anders Bergcrantz, except "It Freezes Now," written & arranged by Anna-Lena Laurin
Recorded by Zakarias Lindhammar, Berno Paulsson and Hans Larsson @ Studio Möllan, Berno Studio & Hans Larsson KH Control Room in Malmo, Sweden
Mixed & Mastered by David Carlsson @ Gula Studio, Malmo, Sweden
Photos: Goran James Djordjevic
Album Cover: Per Gustafsson

Featuring: Anders Bergcrantz (trumpet w/ Conn Multi Vider, flugelhorn, recorder, Jews harp, zither, percussion), Robert Tjäderkvist (Fender Rhodes, synthesizer), Sven Erik Lundeqvist (Fender Rhodes), Anna-Lena Laurin (piano), Mats Ingvarsson, Stefan Bellnäs (electric bass), Lasse Lundström (bass), Niclas Campagnol, PA Tollbom, Victor Lewis (drums), Anders "Chico" Lindvall, Linus Olsson (electric guitar), Leif Jonsson (percussion), Tomas Franck (tenor sax), Johan Börgesson (tablas), PA Tollbom (darbuka), Rebecca Bergcrantz (vocals w/ voice box), Iris Bergcrantz (vocals), Edvard Bisof, Anne Bech Hald, Mats Ingvarsson, Lise Kroner (choir)

So far the best and most adventurous album of the year! The Swedish jazz master, one of the world's greatest trumpet players, reaches a new plateau of unlimited creativity; redefining labels and breaking musical boundaries with wild solos, deep grooves, complex textures and gorgeous sound structures. Taking Miles' "Agharta" and "Dark Magus" to the new millenium, with lots of Rhodes, synths, electric guitar, tablas, darbuka, zither, drums, and the Conn Multi Vider. Unbelievable!

This high quality vinyl pressing comes with a top class gatefold cover and has a pristine warm sound.

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