Saturday, April 7, 2012

Smooth Jazz, Easy Listening Listing Reminder

Just a reminder about the unique and awesome opportunity for all you Smooth Jazz and Easy Listening creators in Listing #Y120409JZ. The person on the receiving end has already asked us TWICE if we've found anything great.

We've got a really good feeling about this listing, and want to make sure that the right people don't overlook it. Don't say we didn't remind you! The deadline is Monday, April 9th at 11 AM (PDT), 2012.

Here's the listing again:

A-List Music Supervisor needs ORIGINAL Smooth Jazz and Easy Listening Songs for an upcoming project with a huge national retail chain that wants to appeal to an ADULT audience. Watch the Weather Channel to get a great idea of the type of music they'll need, and know that your submissions will have to be competitive with artists on the level of George Benson, Chris Standring, Acoustic Alchemy, Boney James, Chuck Mangione, Najee, Mindy Abair, Astrud Gilberto, Melody Gardot, and Antonio Carlos Jobim, etc. to be considered competitive for this. Instrumentals are preferred, but songs with vocals that the supervisor calls "un-intrusive" will also be considered. ORIGINAL SONGS ONLY (no covers, please!).

The songs chosen will ultimately go on a compilation that the Music Supervisor will use to pitch the mega-retailer on the idea of using Indie artists for this project. If the retailer is impressed and decides to go with Indie artists, this could potentially open up an ongoing stream of requests for a lot more music from our members! Your songs will need to have great melodies, great arrangements, strong production values, and appeal to a wide cross section of the ADULT, EASY LISTENING AUDIENCE. You must own or control 100% of the Master and Copyright to pitch for this listing. Samples of other artists' work CANNOT be incorporated into your songs. At this time, the supervisor does not know if the songs would ultimately be licensed, or if the retailer will choose to become the publisher.

In either case, this has GREAT potential to create a terrific outlet for a LOT of our members! Broadcast Quality is needed (excellent home recordings are fine.) Vocal and instrumental performances MUST be top-notch! Please include lyrics if applicable, and keep them PG rated for mass consumption. All submissions will be screened on a YES/NO BASIS by a person Hand-Picked by the Music Supervisor. ALL submissions must be received no later than 11AM PDT, Monday, APRIL 9th, 2012. TAXI #Y120409JZ

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