Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Single of the Week - "Funky Bompa: Berimbao"

7" Vinyl Single of the Week
Funky Bompa: "Berimbao/Aquarelon" (Bompa Discos Belgium) 2012

Side A
1. "Berimbao" (Funky Bompa edit)
Side B
1. "Aquarelon" (Funky Bompa edit)

New label Bompa Discos from infamous Belgium DJ/tropical party promoter Funky Bompa, who has been dropping his funky afro/Latin/Caribbean sets on a responsive crowd all over Europe for the last few years. More recently, Funky Bompa has got into producing dozens of his own re edits for his own DJ use, and due to massive demand he's released a couple - albeit it in a strictly limited 300 only dinked 45 no repress format. On ''Berimbao'' (sic), Bompa takes the infectious hypnotic guitar (by the uncredited Baden Powell, also the song composer) of the Brazil original and loops it to great effect, changing the vocal classic into a mostly instrumental journey until the end, when the vocal drops. On the flip ''Aquarelon'' is a remake of a certain Mr. Gomez track from 1972, where Funky Bompa lifts the massive piano intro, looping it up to carry through the swinging duration of the track. Certified club bangers both of them!

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