Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Swing Journal" - July 2010

Cover: John Coltrane

Official info: "Swing Journal will suspend publication for an undetermined period after the July issue.
John Coltrane appeared for the first time in our cover photo in the August issue in 1960. This was soon after the release of the masterpiece album "Giant Steps", and we wrote passionately about a man who would be at the forefront of a new wave of Jazz which emerged in the 60's. A half century has passed since then, and now, what is the shape of the next Jazz and Jazz commentary? These questions are very difficult to answer. Meanwhile, we have to continue to search for ideal Jazz journalism and for new Jazz tide in order to revive our magazine. Lastly, we would like to say how grateful we are to all our readers of Swing Journal over the years."

The Serial: The Truth Behind Masterpieces - Liner Notes Tell A Golden Era of Jazz Giants: Bill Evans Part1I
John Coltrane Discography
Bill Evans 30 Years after his death
Brand-new Jazz vocal 2010
Stacey Kent, Shanti, Chie Sugiyama, Charito, Awa, Ai Kago etc.
Erena Terakubo debut: Genius alto sax girl
Piano Trio New Albums: Bill Charlap, Ted Rosenthal, Andrea Pozza, Satomi Kawakami
Grant Stewart plays Sonny Rollins
Live at Jazz on Top: Hiromi Shimizu & Don Friedman Again!
Here Comes New Masterpieces
Yasukuni Terashima's Jazz Lounge
Chihiro Yamanaka's essay"Day by Day"
Questions For Jazz Beginner
Hot News: Overseas
New York Jazz Monthly
Hot News: Domestic
Jazz on Air
The Monthly Disc Review
Top Chart
This Month's Gold Disc
Import Discs
New Discs Release Information
Swing Journal Japan Jazz Poll Winners 1951-2010
2010 Summer Jazz Festival guide
Let's Dig The Re-Issued Discs
What's up now!
Readers Plaza: Jazz Spot Pilgrimage Returns / Readers / Jazz All nighters By Tatsuo Sunaga / Jazz West Coast
Swing Street: Yozo Iwanami Column/ Music / Movie/ Study Q&A
Live Report
Comin' Soon!
Live & Jazz Spot Guide
Jazz Sound & Visual
What's important to Jazz Sound?
SJ's Choice New Component
Precision Stereo Preamolifier Accuphase C-3800
High-End Show Tokyo 2010 Spring
Sound Tuning
Audition Report
Jazz sound of SJ's Listening room
Sound Quality Of New Discs

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