Monday, August 3, 2009

"Swing Journal" - August 2009

Cover Story: Junko Onishi is Back!
The Serial : The Truth Behind Masterpieces - Liner Notes Tell A Golden Era of Jazz Giants : Billie Holiday
Bill Evans Trio at the Village Vanguard
Tribute to Art Blakey - Manhattan Jazz Quintet 25th Anniversary
Jazz Masterpieces Story - Pablo
Ladies Dig Jazz Deeper!
Without A Song: Live In Europe 1969 - Freddie Hubbard
Here Comes New Masterpieces
Bud Shank: May 27, 1926 - April 2, 2009
Serial : Yasukuni Terashima's Jazz Lounge
1968-1970 Miles Davis
Questions For Jazz Beginners
Hot News: Overseas
New York Jazz Monthly
Hot News: Domestic
Jazz On Air
The Monthly Disc Review
Top Chart
SJ Gold Disc of This Month
Import Discs
New Discs Release Information
SJ Gold Disc Preview: "Minor Blues / Kenny Barron"
SJ Gold Disc Preview: "That Bridge / Paul Fleisher"
"Basics About Jazz Instruments" Special Edition: Big Band
Jazz on a Summer's Day 2009 - 2009 Summer Jazz Festivals Guide Part 1
Let's Dig The Re-Issued Discs
Warren Wolf
Fujitsu Special 100 GOLD FINGERS PART 11
What's up now! : SAYAKA / Julian Lage / Akira Matsuo / Sachiko Yasui / Dairiki Hara
SJ Focus
Readers Plaza : Jazz Spot Pilgrimage Returns / Readers / Jazz Allnighters By Tatsuo Sunaga / Jazz West Coast
Swing Street : Yozo Iwanami / Music / Movie
Live Report : Naoko Terai / Jane Monheit / Bill Frisell / Walter Lang / Marlene sings Nettai Jazz
Comin' Soon!
Live & Jazz Spot Guide
Jazz Audio meets Higher Sound Quality CD
Advantage of Higher Sound Quality CD
Jazz Sound Life: Masanori Sasaji meets Higher Sound Quality CD
Horn vs. Electrostatic - This is how Higher Sound Quality CD sounds
Components for Higher Sound Quality CD
CAV V50 / ONKYO C-S5VL/A-5VL / JBL 4312D / Focal Chorus 826V / HARBETH HL Compact7 ES3 / Sony SCD-XA5400ES / Denon DCD-1650SE/PMA-2000SE / Accuphase A-35 / KRIPTON KX-1000P / LINN MAJIK LP12 / TRIODE TRV-845SE / LUXMAN D-06 / OCTAVE V-40SE / Accuphase DP-600 / Denon DCD-SX/PMA-SX / DIATONE DS-MA1 / JBL K2 S9900 / TADL TAD-R1 / audio-technica ATH-W5000/ATH-AD2000 / Kenwood Kseries U-K323 / JVC EX-AR3 / Pioneer BDP-LX52/VSA-LX52 / Zonotone Interconnect Cable / SAEC SL-2000/SPC-2000/PL-3000D
Sound Quality Of New Discs

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