Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Good Life Casting

A major cable network is now casting “The Good Life”

Everyone loves the good life—especially you! Maybe you live like a princess or maybe you only act like one; it matters not—point is, you deserve to be a princess!

Whether you get pampered on some one else’s dime and your extravagant lifestyle includes luxury cars, designer handbags and expensive jewelry, or you’re tapping out your resources to do whatever it takes to maintain the image, you could be just the girl we’re looking for! In this new series, it’s all about you and your glamorous lifestyle.

We are searching in Savannah, Scottsdale and NY/NJ for the most outrageous, over-the top ladies who are living large! Maybe you were born with a silver spoon or maybe everyone only thinks you were—either way, you’re A-List, baby! And, it’s time everybody knows.

Go wot for more info and to apply!

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