Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Guitar hero Kenny Burrell needs our help!

Support Kenny Burrell!
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"My name is Katherine Burrell. I am raising funds for my husband, Kenny Burrell. He is a legendary jazz guitarist who has contributed much to the world of music. Following his 85th birthday concert at Royce Hall, he suffered an accident that led to a two year medical leave. He is still in recovery, on sabbatical, and writing his autobiography, as well as two other books.

I am taking care of Kenny at home. His medical expenses exceed our monthly income. Additionally, we were both victims of identity theft and bank fraud, and the bank has refused to return the stolen funds, which totaled more than $60,000. In the process of mismanaging our claim, the bank returned payments I made to creditors, seriously impacting our credit scores.

We no longer qualify to rent an apartment or open lines of credit and/or loans. We are also currently in litigation with our HOA which has been costly, such that I have spent almost all of our savings and life insurance policy. We are facing foreclosure and consequent homelessness. I am fearful of homelessness for Kenny’s sake, and terrified of how I will care for him if left without a home. We will have to move out of our apartment in the next 1-2 weeks for demolition, which will include mold remediation, lead abatement, and major construction. None of this will be covered by insurance, and the HOA will pass all of the costs to us.

I can’t maintain Kenny’s health and safety in that kind of environment, and have no place to relocate nor the funds to do so. It is my fervent, heartfelt desire to continue to care for Kenny as he deserves given who he is and all that he has given to the world through his music, and the beautiful spirit from which it emanated. It saddens and embarrasses me to desperately need and request help, but it is necessary at this point. If anyone is willing to help us at this time, I would deeply appreciate it, and I will do my best to pay you back in the future. Thank you, and God bless you."

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