Monday, May 27, 2013

CD/DVD Set of the Month - "Hugo Fattoruso: En Concierto"

CD/DVD Set of the Month
Hugo Fattoruso: "En Concierto" (Montevideo Music Group)

Executive Producer: Alejandra Volpi
DVD Directed by Guillermo Casanova
Engineered by Luis Restuccia & Pablo Macedo
Assistant Engineer: Javier Longhi
Cover Photo: Diego Varela
Liner Photos: Patricia Torres

Featuring: Hugo Fattoruso (acoustic piano, accordion, vocals), Ciruela Fattoruso (electric bass), Jorge Osvaldo Fattoruso aka George Fattoruso (drums), Carlos Quintana, Nicólas Mora & Quique Gule (acoustic guitars), Tálita Marquez (pandeiro), Leo Méndez (soprano sax), Martin Morón (trombone), and the members of the percussion trio Rey Tambor: Diego Paredes, Noé Núñez & Fernando Núñez.

This 2-disc set is an essential item for all fans of Hugo Fattoruso. The CD includes only music (except for a story about "Your Star"), while the DVD includes an insightful interview with our hero doing comments about all tracks, plus an extra song ("Mi Cancion") played during the credits, and two bonus videoclips: "Sudestada" (a piano solo theme composed by Jaime Roos) and "Llamadas."

Highlights: the lovely choro "Piano, Pandeiro e Passarinho" (composed in Tokyo but an hommage to his affinity with Brazil, where he lived for many years), the haunting "Milonga de Nagoya" (a piano/guitar duo with Quique Gule), a duo with his late brother Osvaldo Fattoruso (what a drummer!) on "Idea" (co-written with his colleagues from OPA, Ringo Thielmann and Osvaldo), the meeting with his son Alex Ciruela Fattoruso (a great bassist like his brother Francisco) on "Conmigo," the pop ballad "Your Star" sung in English, the romantic song "Historia Real" co-written with Alejandra Volpi and sung in Spanish, "19 Capitales" played as an accordion solo number, and the candombe "Vigilia del Tiempo" performed with Rey Tambor.

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