Friday, March 8, 2013

DVD of the Month - "Hermeto Pascoal: Hermeto Brincando de Corpo e Alma"

DVD of the Month
Hermeto Pascoal: "Hermeto Brincando de Corpo e Alma" (HPAM)

The Brazilian-born genius of the universal music presents another astonishing release: solo performances played on (and through) his body, but coming directly from his blessed soul, with the use of no "traditional" instruments at all. All tracks filmed live at the spur-of-the-moment during the studio sessions in Curitiba, where he currently lives with his adored wife and musical partner Aline Morena, who co-produced the DVD. Instead of a bass, heartbeats. Instead of drums, body percussion. Instead of flutes, lots of whistlings. Reeds? No, just the sounds from Hermeto's beard. Unbelievable! Essential for all Hermeto fans as well as for anyone interested in the evolution of contemporary music.

NTSC, Digital Surround 5.1
All tracks composed & performed by Hermeto Pascoal
Artistic Direction & Executive Producer: Aline Morena
Technical Director: Dirceu Saggin
Engineer: Beto Japa @ Trilhas Urbanas Studio (Curitiba, PR, Brazil)
Assistant Engineer: Mauricio Bernardo
Mixed & Mastered by Beto Japa, Hermeto Pascoal & Aline Morena

Video Director: João Marcelo Gomes
Director of Photography: Mauricio Baggio
Sync: Solano Trento
Still Photography: Mauricio Baggio & João Marcelo Gomes
Graphic Project: Adriana Alegria
Cover Design: Ruy Pereira
Image Treatment: Defendi Machado

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