Monday, March 31, 2008

Lee Genesis survives car rollover In Miami

Singer Lee Genesis, who was showcased earlier this year in Boston and in New York City, was taking part in the Winter Music Conference in Miami Beach on Friday, [March 28] when a runaway parked car rolling downhill ran over him.

“It’s a miracle I’m alive and OK,” said Lee. “After the late night events were over, I had parked the car, but forgot that the car was still in “drive” and the driveway of the Miami Beach Resort & Spa Hotel is on an incline. Then I dropped my keys while getting out of the car and the car began to roll downhill and when I tried to stop it, it just rolled over me!”

“Everyone was screaming and then a really nice guy with emergency medical training came over and started praying to Jesus that I would be alright and I got up and walked away from the spot where I’d fallen. The car rolled over my shoulder blade, but there was a depression in the ground that saved me--when my body fell, I fell into that depression so the full force of the car didn’t hit me. The ambulance came and the hospital did a bunch of x-rays at 5:30 am in their trauma center and everything seems to be fine. I’m bruised and on Percodan, but otherwise I’m OK. Doctors said it was a miracle,” stated Lee.

Genesis’ new CD, The Soul of Lee Genesis is garnering sales and airplay around the U.S. but even more so throughout Europe where R&B, soul and jazz are more widely admired.

Genesis’ new dance CD, The House of Lee Genesis is also generating a great deal of interest here but in Europe there is even more excitement as tours of Italy are being offered by industry titans who heard his soulful singing at the conference in Miami.

Lee Genesis and his full 8 piece band are scheduled to appear at Scullers Jazz Club in September this year.

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