Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Barbara Dennerlein in March

Barbara enthused Budapest
Barbara Dennerlein's concert with a Hungarian jazz quartet at the Palace of Arts in Budapest on February 4th turned out to a grand success. The 1.900 seat concert hall had already been sold out one month before the concert date. Despite the little time for rehearsals the ensemble quickly achieved a musical tightness and played as if they had been on tour for months. The elated audience and the Béla Bartók concert hall's impressive atmosphere inspired the musicians even more, and so it is no surprise that the participants wish to meet again.

From heart to heart
Hammond rock legend Jon Lord (Deep Purple) tracks the path of classical music since five years. During rehearsals with a Philharmonic Orchestra he found time for an interview and spoke about the Hammond organ's relevance nowadays:

Question: "You and Barbara Dennerlein belong to the great Hammond organ virtuosos. What do you think about the role of the jazz organ in the future?"

Jon Lord: "The jazz organ has almost disappeared. Young musicians are not given much motivation to play the Hammond organ though at present it has a small come back. It's an enormous instrument that cannot be replaced by synthesizers. If you become a well known musician you have the great chance to leave your niche. You can open doors to other rooms. The older I get the less I see differences e.g. between the concert organist of the Berlin Philharmonics, Barbara Dennerlein and myself. We all act on the same base: from heart to heart."
(translation from German news)

Barbara Dennerlein on tour in USA and Europe
As we told you in the last newsletter, Barbara Dennerlein will tour through the USA again this year. In June Barbara will perform in Rochester/NY and at the American Guild of Organists National Convention in Minneapolis.

In July Barbara is invited to play the new digital organ of Trinity Church Wall Street in New York City. This unique organ replaced the former pipe organ that had been damaged by the dust and smoke of September 11th (the day Barbara returned from an USA concert, by the way). More information about the historic church in the heart of New York's finance district can be found on the church's interesting homepage:

In Europe Barbara Dennerlein will tour through Estonia, Poland and also the Southwest of France. There Barbara will meet again with Rhoda Scott for two common concerts.

In March, Barbara will stay in Germany. As declared "Artist in Residence 2008" she carried her Hammond B3 to Cologne's "Altes Pfandhaus" (Old Pawn Office) - for a first concert on March 9th in this new cultural venue. Later on in March she will also play at the "Unterfahrt" jazz club in her hometown Munich.

We like to remind you that Barbara has been interviewed for the art boletim of the brasilienportal website. The re-broadcast will be on March 3rd at 8 - 10 p.m. (CET):
radio live stream:
website of art boletim:,1136

There are a lot of radio podcasts in the internet. We found one on that has been entitled "we got rythm". It focuses the non-sacred side of the pipe organ and - surprise surprise - features Barbara Dennerlein's music, too.

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