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"Nu Jazz Cool 2"

"Nu Jazz Cool 2"
Compilation Produced & Annotated by Quinton Scott for Union Square Music Ltd. (UK)
Includes the dancefloor hit "Escravos de Jó", produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro for Ithamara Koorax's album "Brazilian Butterfly".

Release Date: Jun 11, 2007
Label: Union Square/Metro Doubles
Various Format: 2-CD Set
Catalog Number:METRDCD615
Playing Time:Over 2 hours

From swinging bossa to infectious broken beats, the Nu Jazz Cool series places the spotlight on today's masters of the sophisticated groove, bringing a positive message and real musicianship to the dancefloor. Volume 2 hones in on the incredible music emerging from Italy's jazz scene, including productions by Nicola Conte, Arnaldo DeSouteiro, Gerardo Frisina, Paolo Fedreghini & Marco Bianchi.

Quinton Scott - Compilation Producer, Liner Notes
Gerardo Frisina - Arranger, Producer
Ithamara Koorax - Vocals, Percussion
Arnaldo DeSouteiro - Arranger, Producer
Sicania Soul - Performer
Paolo Fedreghini - Producer
Dom Um Romão - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
LTJ X-Perience - Performer
Joe Bataan - Vocals
Jazzinho - Performer
Guida de Palma - Vocals
Cybophonia - Performer
Kabuki - Performer
Soulstance - Remix
Ursula Rucker - Performer
Nicola Conte - Remix, Additional Production
Bossa Nostra - Performer
S-Tone Inc. - Performer
Frank Siccardi - Coordination
Mark Di Venom - Performer
Eloir de Moraes - Rap, Percussion

Sabu Martinez - Percussion
Marco Bianchi - Piano
Sahib Shihab - Baritone Sax
Eric Cascone - Producer
Lara Luppi - Vocals
Mauro Di Martino - Producer
Jessica Lauren - Keyboards
Alexander - Vocals
Diane Peters - Harp
Maiya James - Vocals
Francesco Lomangino - Flute
Daniel Maunick (aka DJ Venom) - Producer

Nathan Haines - Flute
James Beige - Producer

1. Spread Your Love Paolo Fedreghini & Marco Bianchi [06:53]
2. African Seeds Gerardo Frisina [06:47]
3. Life Is A Tree Sicania Soul [04:57]
4. To The Powerful The Invisible Session [07:26]
5. Pressure Big Bang [07:07]
6. Living In The Sunshine Dimension 6 [06:16]
7. Ordinary Guy Joe Bataan & LTJ X-Perience [08:06]
8. Escravos De Jo Ithamara Koorax [06:37]
9. Roda Nu Braz [06:50]
10. 4Th Floor Fiesta Mark No Comply / Fitzgibbon [07:22]
11. Da Tempo Ao Tempo Jazzinho [07:29]
12. London Jazz Cybophonia [03:32]
13. Roxana Nao Ligar Bossa Nostra [02:53]
14. In The Mood For Love S-Tone Inc. [04:08]
15. Yo Yo Jazz Big Bang [06:20]
16. Corsa Notturna Vuca [06:38]
17. Q & A Ursula Rucker [06:13]
18. Tempest Kabuki [06:33]
19. Harlem Nocturne Duran & Garcia [06:57]
20. Codename Winter Vipersquad [06:38]
21. Nightgirl James Beige [05:35]
22. Atravessar Jazz Juice [06:19]
23. Bosa Of The Future
Marco Di Venom [05:16]
24. The Trip Tony New Cool Collective [12:15]

Track List CD1
1 Paolo Fedreghini & Marco Bianchi - Spread Your Love
2 Gerardo Frisina - African Seeds
3 Sicania Soul - Life Is A Tree (Truby Trio Treatment)
4 The Invisible Session - To The Powerful (Soulstance remix)
5 Big Bang - Pressure (Domu remix)
6 Dimensions 6 - Living In The Sunshine (Ame Main Mix)
7 LTJ X-Perience featuring Joe Bataan - Ordinary Guy
8 Ithamara Koorax - Escravos De Jo
9 Nu Braz - Roda (Soulstance remix)
10 No Comply feat. Mark Fitzgibbon - 4th Floor Fiesta
11 Guido De Palma & Jazzinho - Da Tempo Ao Tempo (Nicola Conte Rework)
12 Cybophonia - London Jazz

1 Bossa Nostra - Roxanna nao ligar (Roxanne)
2 S-Tone Inc. - In The Mood For Love
3 Big Bang - Yo Yo Jazz (Nicola Conte Rework)
4 Vuca - Corsa Notturna
5 The Society feat. Ursula Rucker - Q&A Part 1
6 Kabuki - Tempest (Atjazz Remix)
7 Duran Y Garcia - Harlem Nocturne
8 Vipersquad - Codename Winter
9 James Beige - Nightgirl
10 Jazz Juice - Atravessar
11 Venom Vs Marco Di Marco - Bossa Of The Future (Black Mamba Remix)
12 New Cool Collective & Tony Allen - The Trip

Liner Notes by Quinton Harris:
We often hear it said that no music can be considered to be truly new, that songs are always influenced by something that came before, whatever the style. In the case of nu jazz, the influences are clear and transparent. The whole scene as we know it today emerged from a core of crate-digging DJs during the mid-'80s, intent on uncovering the wealth of dormant archive jazz, often rare and obscure but which could ignite dancefloors at the drop of a needle. Whether bop, bossa, funk or fusion, trad or superbad, the right record just oozed the necessary jazz juice.

Twenty years on and the new generation of producer / musicians crafting their own dancefloor jazz have themselves become a sophisticated breed. For Volume 2 of 'Nu Jazz Cool', we remain focused on the Italian jazz capitals of Milan and Bologna where quality and style are a given. On labels like Schema and Irma, the nu breed not only immerse themselves in the music's history, deeply studying the stylings and essence of the masters, they also preach the messages of the past and apply them to today's mad world - messages of peace, spirituality and the importance of staying true to oneself. They touch on political issues - consumerism, weak governments. In short, they use jazz as a powerful vehicle for communication and commentary, just like it used to be.

Alongside the Italian connection on this 2CD set, you will discover the truly global nature of today's nu jazz scene with tracks sourced from as far afield as Germany, Denmark, Holland, the UK and Australia. Just like the movies (like, well... Pirates Of The Caribbean and Ice Age!), we hope you'll find Part 2 even better than the first.

CD 1
1. Paolo Fedreghini & Marco Bianchi - Spread Your Love
A majestic opener from Milan’s nu jazz A-list. After releasing their
‘Several People’ album of collaborations in 2004, DJ / producer Paolo Fedreghini and top Italian jazz pianist Marco Bianchi re-worked the tracks themselves, adding subtle electronics for the ‘Several Additional Waves’ set two years later. Here’s one of the lead tracks, featuring Swiss vocalist Claudia Bernath.

2. Gerardo Frisina - African Seeds
A bootleg mash-up jazz-style! Schema Records’ latin jazz leader takes an unreleased track by late Nu Yorican virtuoso percussionist Sabu Martinez, blends in the big baritone sax lines from Sahib Shihab’s 1970 classic ‘Seeds’ and beefs up the grooves to create a monstrous jazz dancer.

3. Sicania Soul - Life Is A Tree (Truby Trio Treatment)
A beautiful spiritual piece from Sicily’s jazz crusaders, DJ / producers Erik Cascone and Mauro Di Martino, featuring Bologna-based vocalist, Lara Luppi. Rainer Truby’s trio pick up the band’s open-minded musical ethic based on the premise that life is fragmented and never linear, building from Stefano Kappa’s sinuous bassline with buzzing synths, electro touches and a terrific 4/4 groove.

4. The Invisible Session - To The Powerful (Soulstance remix)
More thought-provoking music as the Schema label’s dynamic duo, Paolo Fedreghini and Marco Bianchi, team up with label boss Luciano Cantone. The ‘Invisible Session’ is all about pooling the trio’s depth of collective music knowledge and personal spirituality to create something truly unique - this powerful plea to recognise the destructive forces of consumerism across our planet received a beefy future funk treatment in late 2006 from the Lo Greco brothers aka Soulstance.

5. Big Bang - Pressure (Domu remix)
Since catching the London bug and moving there permanently in 1999, Bologna jazz DJ Simone Serritella has since become a prolific producer and label owner, recording as Big Bang and running Arision Records. This cracking single from 2002 features Jessica Lauren on keys and Alexander on vocals and urges us to focus on our targets and take our opportunities. Remixer Domu toughens it up for a fidgety, squelchy broken jazz workout.

6. Dimensions 6 - Living In The Sunshine (Ame Main Mix)
Serritella and Jessica Lauren team up again, this time enlisting the
in-demand Maiya James (Kyoto Jazz Massive, Osunlade) on vocals. The original version’s fusion of broken rhythms with old-skool boogie makes way for a terrific warm techno re-work courtesy of German production maestros Ame, complete with a bendy bassline that will find its way to your netherest nether regions.

7. LTJ X-Perience featuring Joe Bataan - Ordinary Guy
Stand up for one of Italy’s original jazz DJ / producers, Luca Trevisi,
responsible for the first record released on Milan’s Irma label back in 1988. Under his LTJ Experience guise, he recorded with Latin soul legend Joe Bataan including this update of his signature tune, dating back to 1966 and his heyday on Fania Records. “Hey, I’m an ordinary guy,” reflects Bataan. “That’s me, and I’ve always been that way.”

8. Ithamara Koorax - Escravos De Jó (Original Album Version)
In the mid-‘90s, the likes of Antonio Carlos Jobim and Dave Brubeck were hailing Brazilian jazz singer Ithamara Koorax as one of the finest of her generation. She assembled a dream cast for her ninth album, ‘Brazilian Buttefly’ (released in 2006), including Weather Report drummer Dom Um Romao who plays on this great new version of Milton Nascimento’s classic ‘Escravos De Jo’. Produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro for JSR.

9. Nu Braz - Roda (Soulstance remix)
Braz is the area of Sao Paolo with the largest Italian community, a perfect nom de plume for in-demand singer, musician and DJ Emanuele Cucchi. An artistic director for Armani, no less, he called on some A-list names for his ‘Sonho Bossa’ album in 2006 including Jose Mascolo, arranger for Shirley Bassey, the Soulstance rhythm section and Brazilian Love Affair’s Dilene Ferraz on vocals. ‘Roda’ reprises one of Elis Regina’s big hits from the mid-‘60s.

10. No Comply feat. Mark Fitzgibbon - 4th Floor Fiesta
Over to Melbourne, Australia, for a big dancefloor bossa beast. Producers and bosses of Equatorial Records, Lanu and Bennson, have wowed deep funk fans as The Bamboos in recent times. For this latin trip, they named themselves after an old skool skateboard move and hooked up with Mark Fitzgibbon, one of Australia’s greatest modern jazz pianists, who gets all Horace Silver on us.

11. Guido De Palma & Jazzinho - Da Tempo Ao Tempo (Nicola Conte Rework)
Portuguese singer Guida Da Palma formed Jazzinho when her five year-old daughter made her see the world with different eyes. So, drawing on an upbringing immersed in Brazilian music and a love for clubbing in London, she enlisted musicians from San Salvador, Mozambique and more and has since crafted some memorable fusions. Nu bossa don Nicola Conte gives this one from her 2006 ‘Atlas’ set some serious dancefloor swing.

12. Cybophonia - London Jazz
A regular on production and remix duties for Irma Records, Eros Minichiello aka Cybophonia plies his trade from the Italian area of Switzerland. Perhaps best known for his classic chillout remix of Black Mighty Orchestra’s ‘Ocean Beach’, he slipped out this little gem during 2006, a bustling, building piano & strings track which really blew us away. Three minutes is somehow not enough!

CD 2
1. Bossa Nostra - Roxanna não ligar (Roxanne)
Yes, it's 'Roxanne' by The Police given a short but memorable late night latin massage by one of the earliest nu bossa troupes on the Irma label, Bossa Nostra. Perhaps best known for their tracks with James Brown vocalist Vicki Anderson back in '95 and some classy covers of Herbie Hancock and Astrud Gilberto, they have consistently flown the flag for fresh Brazilian fusions ever since, often fronted by singer Bruna Loppez.

2. S-Tone Inc. - In The Mood For Love
More outstanding Milanese quality from the Schema label and veteran producer Stefano Tirone, who released his first S-Tone Inc. single way back in ‘92. The publicity hype describes this one as “a bohemian atmosphere caught between Paris and Rio” and, sure enough, with its killer Brazilian groove, swooping accordions and Laura Fedele’s unforgettable voice, this one is certainly a classic fusion of styles.

3. Big Bang - Yo Yo Jazz (Nicola Conte Rework)
A shimmering jazz dance remix from Nicola Conte which he himself describes as sitting “somewhere between Zero db and Alice Coltrane”. Conte remixes are always re-played as well as beefed up in the mix and he features here some stellar musicians including harpist Diane Peters and some great flute from regular sideman Francesco Lomangino. Re-worked from Big Bang’s ‘Way In Jazz’ album from 2006.

4. Vuca - Corsa Notturna
Stefano Tirone of S-Tone Inc. and Stefano Ghittoni of The Dining Rooms take time out from their lead projects for a high quality one-off collaboration on Schema from 2003. This cut was tucked away on the B-side, a building, snapping slice of tuxedo jazz-bossa with a killer swinging piano line designed to evoke “Gran Turismo cars and spy stories” - the title translates as ‘Nocturnal Race’.

5. The Society feat. Ursula Rucker - Q&A Part 1
Danish-born Thomas Hass Christiensen aka The Society first emerged as part of the Senor Coconut touring set-up before releasing his first commercial remix back in 2001, a version of Ursula Rucker’s ‘Supa Sister’. Four years later, the Philly poet returned the favour on this string-laden broken groover about getting our priorities right, taking a stand for important issues and living up to our potential.

6. Kabuki - Tempest (Atjazz Remix)
A martial arts and Asian cinema obsessive, Frankfurt producer Jan Hennig named himself after a traditional style of Japanese theatre for his productions. In a previous life, he was trained as a classical guitarist before changing tack and becoming a DJ / producer - his 1996 album on Infracom with Frank Marheineke as Mainframe was among the first ever German drum & bass albums. For this one, Martin Atjazz takes the remix reins for a fluid, funky jazz groover featuring a tasty growly bassline.

7. Duran Y Garcia - Harlem Nocturne
Direct from the heart of Irma Records, Duran Y Garcia is an alter ego for Milan's prolific producer / musician trio Marco Duranti (the 'Duran' bit), Stefano Marcucci and veteran house DJ Maurizio Belladonna. Alongside their recordings as Belladonna and Truffle Tribe, Duranti formed this project specifically for their latin-based output - this insistent beauty is from their 'Encantado!' album in 2001.

8. Vipersquad - Codename Winter
One of many alter egos of DJ Venom, aka Daniel Maunick, son of Incognito frontman Bluey. This one’s from the early days of the Arision label in April 2003 when it became a fixture within West London’s forward-thinking jazz and broken beat fraternity and it throws up a sparkling, cinematic instrumental groove that still holds its own.

9. James Beige - Nightgirl
Dancefloor jazz made with a no-nonsense hip hop ethic. The Dee Felice Trio’s brilliant old piano bossa ‘Nightingale’ gets put through its paces here, chopped up and seasoned with beats, effects and sample stabs. A fantastic DJ tool from Swiss producer James Beige from 2005 - as far as we know, this is the only track he has released to date. Give up the day job, we say.

10. Jazz Juice - Atravessar
More brilliant uptempo bossa, this time out of Holland as Graham B teams up with production partner Alain Eskinasi, five years after first recording together as Electro Coco. Their latest moniker borrows from the seminal ‘80s compilation albums put together by Gilles Peterson and the title of this one translates as ‘experience’ or ‘feel’. Dutch vocalist Tamara Maria and pianist Patrick van Heerikhuyzen whip up a wonderful live vibe.

11. Venom Vs Marco Di Marco - Bossa Of The Future (Black Mamba Remix)
Over a 6-month period during 2006, Daniel Maunick tackled re-constructed versions of ‘My London Friends’, an acoustic quartet and quintet album by celebrated Bologna pianist Marco Di Marco. He gets the balance right here, pitching a big double bass line and techy Detroit-style synths over a driving bossa groove. Nathan Haines features on flute.

12. New Cool Collective & Tony Allen - The Trip
A slow ‘n’ heavy extended Afro jam from early 2005 and a soundclash between Holland’s No. 1 jazz funk supergroup and the Afrobeat drumming legend from Fela Kuti’s Africa 70 band. The collab arose when Allen guested at one of the Collective’s Big Band sessions in Amsterdam and on their subsequent Afrobeat club tour - five tracks in all were recorded together which all turned up on the band’s ‘Trippin’’ album.

Quinton Scott

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