Saturday, October 6, 2007

EP of the Day: "Fabio Fonseca - Funky Nuts"

EP of the Day
Fabio Fonseca: "Funky Nuts" [Philips 12-inch 2801607)
A very interesting EP, issued as a promo only by Philips on its short-lived "Disco Mix" series, including the same song on both sides, but with different "rotations": 33rpm on Side A, 45rpm on Side B.
The song is "Funky Nuts", co-written by Fabio Fonseca/Mathilda Kovák for Fonseca's "Tradução Simultânea" album, on which guitarist Claudio Zoli also sang the lead vocal part. However, on the special mix for this EP, Zoli's vocals were replaced by Fabio Fonseca's own lead vocal.
The artists who perform are:
Fabio Fonseca -Arranger, Composer, Keyboards, Programming, Vocals (Lead), Engineer (Mixing), Producer
Ronaldo Malta - Vocals (Backg)
Cláudio Zoli – Guitar (Electric)
Arícia Mess - Vocals (Backg)
Ronaldo Barcellos - Vocal (Backg)
Fernando Vidal – Guitar (Rhythm)

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