Friday, May 1, 2015

Beyond CD of the Month - "Carlos Franzetti: In The Key Of Tango"

Beyond CD of the Month
Carlos Franzetti: "In The Key Of Tango" (Sunnyside)

Rating: ***** (musical performance & sonic quality)

Produced by Allison Brewster Franzetti
Executive Producer: François Zalacain
Recorded by Chris Sulit @ Trading 8 Studio (Panamus, New Jersey, USA), and by Laura Fonzo & Carlos Piriz @ Moeba Studio (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Mixing & Mastering: Chris Sulit
Photos & Graphic Design: Christopher Drukker

NY-based Argentinian genius Carlos Franzetti, one of the best composers, pianists and arrangers in the contemporary music scene, says about this wonderful solo piano project: "And there I was once more in the mythical city of Buenos Aires, walking the barrios of my youth. The barrio where I was born. I felt as if I had never left, and as I rode the subway to the recording studio, the essence of tango was stronger than ever. Buenos Aires was taking over, the past combining with the present into a multidimensional universe, no longer making a dent in my watch."

Produced by Carlos' wife Allison, also a hugely talented pianist, the repertoire of this landmark project includes tango classics from such iconic figures as Carlos Gardel ("Soledad") and Anibal Troilo ("Responso," "Maria") to nuevo tango revolutionary genius Astor Piazzolla ("Adios Nonino," "Revirado".) There are also haunting pieces by Horacio Salgán, Julian Plaza, Julio De Caro, Angel Villoldo, Virgilio Expósito, Juan Carlos Cobian and Agustin Bardi -- all revisited by Carlos' extremely original harmonic vision and personality -- besides his own "Tango Fatal." An istant masterpiece.

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