Monday, May 21, 2018

Songwriting Contest - Now Accepting Entries

Songwriting Contest - Accepting Entries
The Song of the Year songwriting contest is currently accepting entries into the 2nd contest of 2018. You can submit your songs online at

Studio Microphone Giveaway
When you enter the Song of the Year songwriting contest, you will automatically be eligible for the Studio Microphone Giveaway. Three individuals will be selected to receive the BLUE Bottle Rocket microphone and four microphone capsules. It is like having four mics in one!
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Your songs sent to Record Labels & Publishers
The top 50 songs from the Song of the Year songwriting contest will be sent to major and minor record labels, music publishers, managers, booking agents and more (including Warner Music, EMI Music, Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music). Song of the Year has many music resources who are always excited to review the top songwriters in the contest for further consideration.
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10 Songwriting Categories:
AC (Adult Contemporary)
Lyric Only

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