Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Jazz Lines announces the release of "Gaslight" from Duke Pearson's "Sweet Honey Bee"

Jazz Lines Publications continue to expand the available repertoire of one of Blue Note Records' central figures, Duke Pearson. During the 1960s, he wrote, led small groups and big bands, arranged and produced for others, and was even an A&R man. Pearson was a foundational figure during the label's incredible hard bop period.

"Gaslight" is another swinging, melodic, memorable Pearson tune. Jazz Lines has added it to the rest of the charts they have published from this great record in a specially-priced five chart set at nearly 25% off of retail. Look for more Duke Pearson charts to be released soon: "Wahoo," "E.S.P.," "Empathy," and small group versions of "Amanda" and "Bedouin."

Working closely for nearly a decade with Duke's son Anthony, Jazz Lines now publish over two dozen of his fantastic charts, both from his original source materials and from Jazz Lines Publications' transcribing staff, all with Anthony's full and very generous cooperation.

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