Saturday, October 22, 2016

Acoustic Covers of Pop Hits Needed for TV and Film Placements

ACOUSTIC-Based (Piano and/or Guitar) SINGER/SONGWRITER-Style COVERS of current songs are needed by the CEO of a NON-Exclusive Music Library that gets lots of placements in popular TV Shows. Male, Female, or Duet Vocals are both welcome for this pitch. Give them organic, well-crafted Covers in All-Tempos that could be found on a Cover Song playlist with versions like (but not limited to) these:

“Demons” by Tyler Ward & Kina Grannis
“Best Thing I Never Had” by Megan & Liz
“Heathens” by Boyce Avenue
“This Is What You Came For” by Madilyn Bailey
“Swimming Pools” by DEMAR
“Crazy” by Ray LaMontagne
“Cold Water” by Conor Maynard
“Sorry” by Matt Johnson
“Heartless” by Kris Allen
“I Kissed A Girl” by William Fitzsimmons

Give them well-performed Covers of recognizable Pop hits that stay true to the original melody, lyric, and arrangement, but strip them down, make them acoustic, feel free to try new tempos, and make them your own cool interpretation! In other words, stick to the original melody and lyrics, but re-imagine them. They’re NOT looking for covers of dated Pop hits.

The more contemporary the better! Please be sure your vocal performance is compelling, with plenty of character and personality. Your Covers can be solely Guitar/Vocal or Piano/Vocal, or a fuller sounding production with some additional instrumentation. Broadcast quality is needed (great sounding home recordings are fine).

This Library offers a NON-EXCLUSIVE deal. You must own or control your Master Recording. All submissions will be screened on a Yes/No basis - No full critiques.

Please submit one to three Covers Songs online or per CD no later than 11:59PM (PDT), on Monday, November 7th, 2016. TAXI #Y161107CV

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