Friday, July 1, 2016

Fusion CD of the Month - "The Brecker Brothers Band Reunion: The Heavy Metal Bebop Tour '4 in Japan"

Fusion CD of the Month (2-CD Set)
The Brecker Brothers Band Reunion: "The Heavy Metal Bebop Tour '14 In Japan" (Ward Records) 2016

CD Release Date: June 22, 2016
Featuring: Randy Brecker (trumpet & vocals), Ada Rovatti (soprano sax & tenor sax), Barry Finnerty (guitar), Neil Jason (bass & vocals), Terry Bozzio (drums)

Produced by Randy Brecker, Terry Bozzio & Ada Rovatti
Recorded @ Club Citta' (Montreux Jazz Festival Japan)
Mixed & Mastered by Hiroki Furutani
Art Design: Satoru Yonemoto (Yonemoto Dezain)
Photos: Kazuo Kogai (provided by JazzLife)
Liner Notes: Tomoyuki Yamazaki

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