Sunday, May 25, 2014

Vocal CD of the Month - "Susan Clynes: Life Is..."

Vocal CD of the Month
Susan Clynes: "Life Is..." (MoonJune) 2014

Produced & Composed by Susan Clynes.
Executive Producer: Leonardo Pavkovic
Liner Notes: Sid Smith
Featuring: Susan Clynes (vocals, piano), Simon Lenski (cello), Pierre Mottet (bass), Nico Chkifi (drums)

The NY-based label MoonJune Records is releasing the international debut of the multi-talented pianist, vocalist and composer, Susan Clynes. On her second album ever (and Susan's sparkling U.S. debut), she showcases her evocative, compelling stylings (on both vocals and piano), in a set that is as diverse and genre-eclipsing as it is emotive and powerful.After teasing listeners with a guest vocal appearance on The Wong Object's "After The Exhibition" (featured on the track, "Glass Cubes," penned by her husband, Antoine Guenet), Susan's talents are featured, front and center, on this inspired performance.There's an almost telepathic synergy to the musicians' performances that emerges, as acute listeners will quickly discern. The music is bold, adventurous and unafraid to tread anywhere.
Susan Clynes is a Belgian singer, pianist and songwriter who is forging her own path in music. After taking classical & jazz piano lessons and attending jazz workshops while in high school, Susan chose to follow her heart: shunning a more traditional course of university studies and career path in order to study music composition, and earning a Master's Degree at the Ghent Conservatory.

In the early stages of this pursuit, Susan released her first (and only previous) album -- a piano trio effort, 2005's "Sugar For A Dream." It was the momentum of this album and her dreams of becoming a famous songwriter (in the commercial / alternative vein) that propelled her through Ghent. While she is clearly an accomplished performer, with a style all her own, songwriting remains her passion: "I want to make music that bridges the different worlds of songwriting and instrumentals of compositions and improvisation. I want to talk to the heart but not forget there’s also the mind."

She is clearly a risk-taker, but also one who embraces and savors each opportunity that presents itself; life is too short to entertain notions of fear or intimidation. A positive, upbeat person, and an intelligent, articulate artist.

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