Friday, May 23, 2014

“Jazz: No Language Required” Bloggers Tour Showcases 100 Years of Music

The “Jazz: No Language Required” Bloggers Tour is being presented by the Mutual Musicians Foundation International (MMFI) and is designed to utilize the social media avenues (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to build awareness of the upcoming 100th year celebration (2017) of the Mutual Musicians Foundation in American history, Thursday and Friday, June 19th and the 20th, 2014. All events are free and open to the public.

Six national bloggers and bloggers locally are scheduled to participate in the tour. “The tour is the first of a series of events over the next three years leading up to our global centennial celebration that is certain to bring jazz and music lovers from all parts of the globe,” said Anita J. Dixon, Executive Director of the MMFI.

Thursday, June 19th
The Three Square Miles: Tour of the Origins of Swing
10:00 to Noon-Tour begins at the Mutual Musicians Foundation 1823 Highland Ave.

Tour of 18th & Vine and 12th St. Historic Jazz district to include the Mutual Musicians Foundation National Historic Landmark.  Here we will hear from the Freedom Network Foundation who installed free wifi for three blocks, bringing jazz to the urban core’s youth and the importance of “bridging the digital divide” which preserves the art form in the land of its origins.

The Books of Bird
5:30 to 7:30pm
Bruce R. Watkins Cultural Heritage Center-3700 Blue Parkway, KCMO

Stanley Crouch, noted New York Times Jazz critic and author for over 40 years has written a book entitled “Kansas City Lighting: The Rise and Times of Charlie Parker along with local professor Chuck Haddix of the University of Missouri Marr Sound Archive who wrote a book entitled: “Bird: The Life and Music of Charlie Parker.   These two have agreed to occupy the same stage and discuss one of the most prolific innovators of jazz to come out of Kansas City.

Friday, June 20th
11:30am to 2:00pm
Mutual Musicians Foundation 1823 Highland Ave. KCMO
National Panel Discussion
What Happened to the Black Musicians Local Unions?

The public will view the Mutual Musicians Foundation’s documentary, “Still Jammin’” on the rise and demise of Local 627 in American history, talk with musicians who remember the union in their lives and hear from Local 34/627 American Federation of Musicians director Dick Albrecht, American Federation of Musicians National Representative Paul Frank, renown bassist Dr. Larry Ridley on a panel discussing the future of jazz. In addition, we will introduce the youth of the American Heritage Music Apprenticeship Program.  (This event will be filmed for archival of the 100th year celebration)

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