Friday, October 26, 2012

CD Reissue of the Month - "Ray Brown & Quincy Jones: The Adventurers"

CD Reissue of the Month
Ray Brown & Quincy Jones: "The Adventurers" (Varèse Sarabande) 1970/2012

Performed by The Ray Brown Orchestra
Arranged by J.J. Johnson, Quincy Jones, Ray Brown, Jimmy Jones, Tom Scott Vocals: Morgan Ames & Sally Kellerman
Featuring: Bud Shank, Larry Bunker, Dave Grusin

Reissue Coordinators: Cary E. Mansfield & Byron Davis
Original Album Producer: Quincy Jones
Musical Coordinator: Morgan Ames
Engineer: Henry Lewy Reissue
Art Direction: Bill Pitzonka
Photos: Buddy Childers

"Music from The Adventurers" is an intriguing re-working of the Antonio Carlos Jobim soundtrack to the trashy 1970 film "The Adventurers," based on a Harold Robbins novel best-seller. Also includes tunes by Eumir Deodato, Ray Brown and Norman Gimbel.

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