Friday, October 26, 2012

Blu-spec CD of the Month - "Michel Legrand Recorded Live at Jimmy's"

Blu-spec CD of the Month
Michel Legrand: "Live at Jimmy's" (RCA/Sony) 1973/2012

Produced by Norman Schwartz for Gryphon Productions
Arranged by Michel Legrand
Recorded live at Jimmy's (New York, NY) on December 8, 1973
Remote recording facilities: Dale Ashby & Father
Edited & Mixed by Phil Ramone
Design: Craig DeCamps
Art Direction: Acy Lehman
Cover Photograph: Charles Stewart (aka Chuck Stewart)

Featuring: Michel Legrand (acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano, Hammond organ), Ron Carter (acoustic bass), Grady Tate (drums), George Davis (electric guitar) and Phil Woods (clarinet & alto sax)

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