Saturday, September 8, 2012

Vocal CD of the Month - "Chris Conway: Time Traveller"

Vocal CD of the Month
Chris Conway: "Time Traveller" (Oblong) 2012

Produced & Arranged by Chris Conway
Graphics by Zorpinda Zorpin
Photos: Calvin Hewitt, Georgina Sear & James Conway

Featuring: Chris Conway (vocals, acoustic & electric 9-string guitars, acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes, keyboards, tin & twin & low whistles, theremin, kalimba, bodhran, drum programming, percussion), Dan Britton, Kate Easton, Georgina Sear & Linda Shanovitch (vocals), Dave Everitt (ocals, acoustic guitar), dele McMahon (violin), Neil Rabjohn (cajon drum), Tim Sketchley (glockenspiel) & Baluji Shrivastav (tabla)

Chris Conway's latest songs album is a mellow reflection on time - amongst other things. There are songs of time travel, wishes, love, madness, paranoia, parents, farewells, and more. It's brimfull with his big warm sound, harmonies and mellow lyricism. There is quite a bit of ground covered - piano ballads, Celtic folk, folk, jazz, bossa nova, even acapella.


Unknown said...

Thank you so much!!
Chris Conway

Unknown said...

Thank you so much!!