Saturday, June 5, 2010

Spiritual Events next week in the LA Area

For Full Details:

* Reiki First Degree Certification
* Kundalini Yoga and Meditation (All Levels)
* Design your own Healing and Magickal Jewlery
* The Art of Active Dreaming
* Psychic Skills Development Night in North Hills
* Reiki First Degree Certficaition
For Full Details:

* Intro/Demo PSYCH-K
* Book Signing w/ Mark Lorentzen "From Surviving to Thriving "
* Adventures of a Western Mystic Book SIgning
* Kirtan in the Canyon
* Workshop w/ Gerald Collins and Barbara Schindler "Spiritual Parenting: Explore the Sacred Journey of Parenthood & Bring Forth a Spiritual Practice that Supports Divine Parenting"
* Basic PSYCH-K
* Trans-Crystal Terapy, Series II
* Workshop w/ Kelly Thacher "Intuitive Writing Workshop"
* Reiki Level I - Full Day Workshop
* From 'Doom and Gloom' to Bloom: Transforming Environmental Despair into Compassionate Action
* Theta Healing Manifestation Group w/Lisa Beachy
* Workshop w/ Sylvie Steinbach "LET’S SWING OUR PENDULUM!"
* Book Circle: Past Lives, Dreams & Soul Travel
* Yoga & The Writing Muse
* New Moon Drumming Circle
* The Art of Living Course
* Practical Spirituality: How To Balance Your Chakras and Cleanse Your Aura
* Goddess Shift: Michelle Obama , Angelina Jolie, Mary Magdalene, Oprah Winfrey , Aung San Suu Kyi,? Maya Angelou, Shirley MacLaine,?J.K. Rowling, Dr. B. Raven Lee
* Victorian Glass Seance
For Full Details:

* Dance Movement, Meditation & Oneness Blessing
* Holistic Healing Day
* Sunday Celebration Services
* Laughter Yoga
* Exercising Your Sixth Sense (Psychic Development)
* My Body, My Life
* Anada Irvine Meditation Group
* Crystal Boutique - 25% discount!

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